Thermal Imaging Camera (SM080T)

Thermal Imaging Camera

Detect accurate fever like symptoms of COVID-19 in an instant, measurements are almost instant, there is no contact, and data can be viewed at a distance, so there is minimal disruption in public places and little risk of cross-contamination or harm to the operator. And the system can be used with minimal training. 

Thermal cameras are already being implemented as a means of detecting people with fever-like symptoms in high-traffic areas such as hospital entrances, shopping centres and office buildings, and potentially mass-attendance sporting events when they resume.

Luxdezine is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Stand-alone Thermal Imaging Camera – SM080T,the only recognized product for thermal imaging technology in Korea that effectively scan and detect high temperature signatures through its contact-less, fast and efficient imaging system specifically designed for front line in the fight against covid-19 virus.


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