SDMC Acoustical Metal Ceiling

SDMC Acoustical Metal Ceiling is a quasi-noncombustible ceiling that creates a refreshing atmosphere with noise reduction effect. 

Dimension: 600×600, 300×600

Material: Galvanized steel sheet.

Colors: White, silver or customized


Schools (auditorium, cafeteria, library, classroom, corridor), institutes, government offices, offices, lobbies, hospitals, conference rooms  

Cannot simply be disposed as the material used can be recycled 

SDMC P18 600 by 600

SDMC P18 300 by 600


Dimension : 600X600 & 300X600

Sound absorption rate High acoustical performance NRC 0.68, Tight diagonal perforations.
Color option White, silver, design
Application A high traffic space that requires a maximum sound absorption due to a high noise level An enclosed area that needs a maximum noise control to maintain privacy / Educational facilities [auditorium, cafeteria, library, classroom, hallway], Public institutions.
SDMC P40 600 by 600

SDMC P40 300 by 600


Dimension : 600X600 & 300X600

Sound absorption rate Good acoustical performance NRC 0.33, Straight cross-shaped perforations.
Color option White, silver, design
Application A space that will benefit from a good noise control but is not mandatory / A space that needs a high-quality product compared to price / Offices, Lobby, Medical facilities, Conference rooms, Educational facilities.

Fire-resistance testing approved due to its quasi-noncombustible grade material.

Excellent noise reduction

Suitable for noisy environments to block and absorb noise.

Clip-in system installation

Clip-in system uses conventional lightweight steel components for easy installation and maintenance.


We provide space-specific design created by our ceiling design expert to bring pleasing and colorful interior to life.


No asbestos and hazardous substances that can harm the environment.


Cannot simply be disposed as the material used can be recycled.

How does SDMC Acoustical Metal Ceiling works?
SDMC Acoustical Function
SDMC Acoustical Function

Noise can hider concentration, efficiency, and even healing

SDM Sound Absorption Sound Blocking
SDMC=Sound absorption + Sound blocking

SDMC absorbs sound through perforations on its metal surface and an acoustical nonwoven attached on its back. SDMC reduces reverberated and reflected noise and maintains a quality environment when installed indoor.

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