UV Natural Sterilization Air Shower (Dr.SEBA)

Air showers are primary entryways of clean rooms. The purpose is to reduce particle contamination via high-pressure air to remove dust, fibrous lint, and other contaminants from personnel or object surfaces. It significantly reduces the chances of airborne particulates that may be a possible source of contamination. Protect your staff and visitors from possible COVID-19 virus contamination. The only way to re-open establishments to the public is to adapt to the new normal. 

Another exclusive offering from Luxdezine, first of its kind with patents worldwide evidenced by the winning status of Korea in its fight against the dreaded COVID-19 aimed at providing your living space with safe and virus free environment for a long-term worry free lifestyle. Luxdezine Air Shower Supplier in the Philippines is proud to the cutting edge technology product is the latest offering with smart home and artificial intelligence functions incomparable to inferior products in the market. 


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