The raw material used for baseball turf (AB35 e+) is polyethylene which is ideal for baseball players to avoid themselves from skin burning caused by the heavy friction of skin contact with the grass.

Luxdezine Turf Baseball Actual
Luxdezine Turf Baseball Actual Side
Baseball Field

Multipurpose, high-density, and top-quality turf for baseball field.

90% Natural Grass

Creates grass field that is 90 percent similar with natural grass, ideal for baseball field.

Highly Density

Creates an elegant design of optimal fields for baseball games with this high-density turf.


Used as the most suitable pad for baseball field.

Product Name Weaving Length of Pile Type of Turf Pile Material Backing Pile Type Other
AB35(e+) Tufting 35mm Double Structure PE E Coating Mono + Crimp For Baseball Field

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